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“The Shelf” Volume Two

6 Jun

In my continuation of the last post

“The Shelf” Volume One

here in “The Shelf” Volume Two are some additional wall-mounted shelf ideas.

This selection is a little more




and Real COOL!

Reclaim, Re-purpose, reCREATE

D. I. Y.

Get Inspired….Do It Yourself!


“The Shelf” Volume Two


“The Shelf” Volume One

6 Jun

I remember when I was a student,

I had to improvise shelving units with those colourful plastic crates.

I would rack, stack and pack them with textbooks, records and clothes.

My parents wanted to get me a real bookshelf but I declined.

It was like a right of passage into the student world and

an unplanned introduction into re-purposing and re-CREATing

Today those same crates house my volumes upon volumes of vinyl,

perfect size; easy to carry around and store.

Shelving can be a very important part of your home decor.

It not only adds to your look it offers functionality for displaying and storing stuff.

You can go to furniture stores and pick up reasonably priced prefabricated, click-clack shelving or you can choose to be creative, handy and DIY “Do-It-Yourself”.

Recently, I decided to create shelving using

natural re-purposed materials or re-purposed objects.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration

“The Shelf “Volume One

The Wall Mount


Things that will set your shelves apart:

  • Type of Wood
  • Brackets
  • Finishes
  • To Stain or not to Stain
  • Size
  • How Many?

“Wood” Side Story

20 May

Two weeks ago one of our neighbours had to take down a large Maple tree that apparently was deemed unstable. In many heavy wind storms large branches had cracked off causing some concern for fellow area dwellers. The older couple, whom the tree belonged to, made the final decision to call in the experts and take care of business.

ImageThese moments are always a little “bitter-sweet” for me. On one hand, I love to see the natural beauty of these magnificent trees and foliage growing and coexisting with us in our urban and rural settings. So it is bitter to see one go. Quick observation: Suburbia is still in a mode of catch-up since most new developments seem to be planned on flat unobstructed land.

ImageAnyhow, back to the regal tree. To see such a beautiful specimen have to go was a sad moment. Now the sweet part to this love story was that the older couple who were also saddened by their “be felled” tree offered us a “slice of wood”.  At first offer, I said sure! I love wood and the thought of reclaiming, re-purposing and recreating a piece of natural history was a no brainer.

After a few days of cutting and getting the tree down, I went over to check out my piece. OMG! My slab was about 4 feet by 3 feet and maybe 500 lbs. It was beautiful, It was huge and how was I going to haul this sucker down the street to my backyard. Anyhow, after a few good men and women, a couple of dollies, one incline and a good half hour later we rolled that baby home.

ImageIt is currently drying out. I am considering cutting it thinner or in half. I have plans to make a table or two or four. Still deciding on the configuration!


Check out some of these table ideas.

I am getting inspired by looking at Wood Grain Slabs that have been turned into tables.

These are absolutely cool!








The purpose, the finish, the design are all things to consider.

This is going to be awesome!

“Sack of Ideas”

26 Apr

Today I’m going to change it up.

I’m going textile. Not just any type of textile.

Specifically “BURLAP“.


What I love about burlap is that it’s a textile fibre that is actually part wood.

Made from the Jute Plant and Sisal Fibres.

ImageImageBURLAP is probably one of the least expensive textile crops in the world and offers many cultures versatility whether it be used as food, rope, fabrics or packaging.

The fact that BURLAP is an eco friendly natural green material is creatively inspiring to me.

Check out some of these re-purposed creations.

Many of these ideas can be found on etsy and other online sources.



ImageImageDrapes ~ Ottomans ~Mat ~ Lamp Shades ~ Chair Covering




ImageCoffee Sleeve ~ Basket ~ Make-up Pouch ~ Messenger Bag

ImageImageImage~ Cushions ~ Cushions ~ Cushions ~

~      ~      ~

You can source burlap bags for your next burlap project from coffee or potatoes.

~ Remember ~

“Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ Re-create”

Pallet “Royale”

6 Apr

Welcome to the third installment of the world of the

reclaimed, re-purposed and reCREATed

~ Pallet ~

Thanks for checking out previous posts “Pallet Playground” and “Pallet Romp” for a variety of cool, inspiring and easier ways to reinvent the Pallet.

Check out some of these mastered Pallet pieces.

From Cribs to the Home Theatre to Armoires to Office Furniture ~ Sheds, Chests, Chairs, Tables ~

It’s all possible by thinking outside of the box.

A picture says a thousand words…

Presenting the Royalty of the Pallet!






Image     Image


See you next time…

When I feature various materials and found objects

that Artisans and Designers

are reclaiming, re-purposing and reCREATing.

It can be a fantastic “green” world out there

where anything is artistically possible.

~ DeeBeeCool ~

Pallet Romp

1 Apr

“As promised the wonderful, versatile, utilitarian, raw, inspiring Pallet makes another guest appearance…”

This time we step it up another notch with designs and projects that involve a little more Do~It~Yourself (DIY) acumen however these are still very manageable and doable.

As I keep checking out this understudy of raw reclaimed material I am both intrigued and awestruck with the Pallet’s ability to be re-purposed and reCREATed.

“Check out some of these pieces people have created in another cool Pallet Romp…”

Image  Image  Image  Image

Multipurpose shelving is an awesome way to use the Pallet. The cool thing is that it can be enhanced with the finish or lack of finish, modified with added details such as wheels and stacked in various combinations.

~      ~      ~


Different table styles are also a creative option with the Pallet. Once again the finish can enhance, adding other re-purposed features like legs and configuration is key to the final purpose.

~     ~     ~


A Pallet feature wall or flooring in the right room or space may be an interesting alternative to other materials. Sanding, staining, painting, vertical or horizontal placement will all impact on the final look. Until I saw these I would not of considered using the Pallet in this innovative way.

~     ~     ~


Add photographs or plants to a Pallet and create a cool piece for any indoor or outdoor space.

~     ~     ~


A Pallet Gate Anyone? Looks great with all the plants.

Could also work as garden division or feature walls.

The black finish looks pretty sleek.

“The Pallet is proving to be quite the contender in the reclaimed, re-purposed and reCREATing world…”

Pallet Playground

27 Mar

pal·let [pal-it]  noun

“A small, low, portable platform on which goods are placed for handling, storage or moving in warehouses, factories or vehicles”

Pallets have been re-used for years, usually more as a functional option and less as an artistically designed crafted piece. I remember when my dad would bring home these wooden skids and use them in the garage to keep certain things off the concrete floor or when we would use them as a stage for our neighbourhood rock shows or to create these haphazard styled ramps to ride our bikes across. Those were the times when a “Pallet was a Pallet”, basic in design functionality.

The Pallet has now become a mainstay in the Playground of re-purposing and reCREATing.

“The Pallet has now become COOL”

People are getting more and more innovative with the whole concept of “reclaiming” to “re-purpose” and “reCREATE”.  Pallets are proving to be so versatile.  You can use them both inside and outside.

Check out these COOL and fairly easy Pallet projects. Get inspired!

Reclaim and reCREATE something fresh like a hanging rack of sorts:




It would be cool to treasure hunt for some re-purposed hooks or knobs. You could add some paint, distress it, stain it, vary the size. It’s a project that could be done fairly easily and you can put your creative touch on it.

Moveable Wall Display…




Change the finish to be more rustic or more contemporary.


Headboard! Cool!


Bed Frame!


Day Bed Raised Frame!


Pallet Table with a re-purposed iron bottom.


Or keep it simple and pure

~ a Pallet for your garage or basement ~

Have fun, next time I’ll show you some more complex Pallet designs that people are creating.


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