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“Simple Tin” Returns

14 May

Another installment of Tin Treasures.

1. Tin Can Lighting

This is a clever way of reusing old discarded tins.

By adding some electrical hardware “Simple Tin” shines…




2. Tin Can Tea-light and Candle Holders.




3. Tin Can Art Pieces


4. Tin Can and Metal Sculpture




There are a lot of crafty ideas that can be created

using the various components of Tin Cans.

“Simple Tin”


Home Brewed Coffee Tables

21 Mar

“Coffee Tables”

One of those essential pieces of furniture that is actually functional

as well as a stylish focal point within a room.

Once upon a time the coffee table was very Traditional.

In the right setting it had a very refined antique look.

A fine solid wood or a more affordable wood laminate was usually used.


Coffee Tables took on a more modern sleeker look…glass and man made materials!


With re-purposing and living green in the forefront the look of Coffee Tables has seen a transformation over the last several years.

With Green intentions and the push on reclaiming, re-purposing and recreating at the forefront the Coffee Table has been re-invented…

Check out the following Home Brewed concepts and get inspired…

Reclaim a Coffee Table!


The Vintage Factory Cart is very popular as a Coffee Table.

Note: Finding the raw cart is a little project within itself.

~ ~ ~


The Old Door is another cool option for a Coffee Table.

Note: Old doors of varying styles and patina are in abundance.

Use solid wood doors not those new construction hollow doors.

~ ~ ~


Wood Stumps, Cross Sections or Natural Wood – is a work of natural beauty for a Coffee Table.

The grain, the unique cuts, the knots, the color, the versatility…beautiful!

Note: Country outings are your best source of getting a reclaimed tree.

Some lumber yards or salvage shops may carry pieces of wood

however they may be pricier than their country counterparts.

~ ~ ~


The Window Frame Coffee Table like the door offers another cool alternative.

Note: You may need to reinforce the glass panels.

The styling promotes a beach, country or garden feel.

Sharing a little inspiration to

Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE

Plan your next D.I.Y. project of your own.

“Home Brewed Coffee Tables”

In an upcoming post, more coffee table ideas that are re-purposed, recreated and cool.

Barrel of Fun

12 Mar


Well to come full circle with the whole Wine drinking and Wine Industry thing

the Wine Barrel provides plenty of options to Reclaim, Re-purpose and reCREATE.

ImageWine Barrels are often made from the almighty OAK,  providing some fabulous reclaimed wood.

If not OAK, barrel wood is usually a good hearty wood with excellent longevity.

Past posts I touched on the CORK in “Cork it!” More recently, I am hooked on the BOTTLE – “Message In A Bottle” and “Bottles Up”. Be reassured that I am going to do more on the whole re-purposing and reCREATing as far as the bottle goes. Now that I have my bottle cutting tool, Cheers! I’m really lovin’ the bottle!

My first love though would have to be WOOD. There is something so organic with WOOD that it really touches a chord with me. The warmth, the grain and the overall functionality of WOOD resounds naturally with me.

My passion for WOOD started as a kid with building go-carts, tree houses, forts, camp fires, walks in the wilderness, carving, whittling, wood burning…

Most furniture that I really enjoy and re-purpose is made of WOOD. I grew up with furniture that was actually made of real WOOD like Maple, Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Cedar…

Anyhow, I digress, back to the WINE BARREL…

“Wine Barrels can only be used for three to five years until they lose their flavor and must be discarded.  After that they are no longer useful to a wine maker.  At the point, in come the savvy DIYers and design companies to re-purpose them and give them new life.”

Anyhow check out some of these cool items that people have re-CREATED by re-purposing



For the Garden


For the Garden Party!


Time for Wine!


These are some cool looking chairs or side table for the backyard, porch or cottage…


Love the fact that you can make a light fixture out of anything…This is really nice!


Now these sinks are neat, they may not fit every Interior or Style

but the fact that someone created these is awesome.

The mirror made from barrel slats is fun.

reclaim ~ re-purpose ~ reCREATE


Get started on your Barrel of Fun

Bottles Up

9 Mar

Over the last few days, I had the pleasure to continue with my bottle quest.

I am determined this weekend to get a bottle cutter and to start the process of

reclaiming ~ re-purposing and reCREATEing


In future posts I’ll shoot you some photos of my D.I.Y creations and projects.

I figure I can pick up a bottle cutter at a local hardware store.

What it may cost, I have no idea!

It will join my arsenal of artist supplies and tools.

Expecting to get years of use out of it.

Check out some more cool ideas I came across.

Starring ~ The BOTTLE


Now this is cool!

A coffee table that has incorporated bottles.

Personally, I may have incorporated it with some reclaimed wood.

The idea of putting something like this together is inspiration for your own creation.


“Big Bottle plus Wood also creates this funky side table”

Like the use of re-purposed wood slats and a piece of tempered glass as a table top.


The coat rack is an awesome idea.

Clean & Crisp

Functional for some light weight stuff.

You have to admit it’s pretty cool to look at.

The book shelf is an interesting idea.

It’s pretty crude looking but it’s an inspiring idea.



Artisan Bottles “Chalk Board” style and “Hand Painted & Dipped”





A variety of re-purposed glassware.

The style of the bottle, the cut will inspire you to create what ever your artistic instincts tell you.


Create a piece of ART GLASS.

Also check out the following links for bottle cutting instructions:






reclaiming ~ re-purposing ~ reCREATing

Message In A Bottle

5 Mar

Last time I shared some cool projects that were created by re-purposing the cork.

As promised the bottle is going to take center stage for this one.


Bottles are great in that they are an item that can be easily recycled.

Bottle recycling programs are recognized and implemented around the world.


Bottles are sometimes discarded, wrongfully so!

The green source would be to re-use them, refill them or totally reCREATE them.

I often have my wine bottles picked up for re-filling or recycling.


As an artist, woodworker and pyrographer

I usually work with various wood sources and materials.

I have collected bottles for a long time often decorative, stand alone, unique or vintage.

After seeing some of these ideas I think I have found a new artistic inspiration the bottle.

I heard the call of the Message In The Bottle.


Candle Holders and Planters are just a few cool options…



Spice Holders ~ Wind Chimes ~ Backyard Torch


Lighting Fixtures



These are just a few ideas that are truly…

“A Message In A Bottle”

Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE

Cork It!

26 Feb

Just keeping it Natural.

The international Wine industry is a billion dollar industry.

Natural libation made from one of earth’s finest gems of a fruit…

the Almighty Grape!

Anyhow this is not a blog about the Wine Industry, I just like to give a little preamble before introducing the cool re-purposed wares.

Stored and aged in beautiful well-crafted Oak Barrels (future blog)

Bottled in simple, fancy, ornate, unique Glass Bottles (future blog)

After being bottled this liquid gold is sealed by the

~ CORK ~

Just keeping it Natural.

An Opportunity for Reclaiming ~ Re-purposing ~ reCREATing

The Oak Barrel, the Glass Bottle and the magnificent little CORK.

Check out these cool ideas where Designers and Artisans

~ CORK It! ~


Cork Boards always cool and useful…


cork mat 2

Corks Mats in two different layouts


Tile a whole floor by cutting cork into thin penny size pieces…Artistically Ambitious and Amazing!



Graphic Style Letters…NATURAL contemporary look for any Interior




Architectural Features ~ Make it a Back Splash!


Bowls and Furniture


Although it may be small the versatility of the CORK as a natural sustainable product is great…

Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE

Cork It!


23 Feb

Drifted is like something re-gifted in terms of Driftwood.

Think about the cycle of Driftwood…

Starts out as part of a tree, was fallen, adopted by other elements of nature WIND, SAND, EARTH, WATER, SUN, MINERALS – you get my drift! Then like a small miracle it finds its way into the hands of someone who is interested in this gnarled, knotted, decaying piece of nature. Someone who sees it as a thing of beauty and has the passion and inspiration to Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE.

Check out these cool reDRIFTED crafted artisan pieces.

three nineteen

These tables are a conversation piece.

These could be styled in a RUSTIC, INDUSTRIAL or CONTEMPORARY setting

twelve nine eighteen

Driftwood becomes a unique piece of sculpture as Candles Holders or a revamped Lighting source

sixteen seventeen one fourteen fifteen

    Makes cool looking Shelving or Hanging Racks.

Mirrors and Frames purely magical…

seven five four eight

And sometimes just as an ART piece

thirteen driftwood 3

Check out the makers of these wonderful products on Etsy, Ebay and other online sources.

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