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More Coffee Tables Please!

30 Jun

Here is another batch of Coffee Tables to inspire your D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) spirit.  Lately, I have been in “table” mode. I have been picking up pieces I can use for both bottoms and tops.  I recently picked up some wrought iron sewing machine legs circa 1800’s to add to my collection. Also, picked up an old door with some beautiful details that someone was tossing out curbside. Anyhow, check out these coffee tables. Wood is a wonderful resource for reclaiming, refinishing and reusing. Getting your hands on some re-purposed table legs or frames can give you some cool finished pieces.



For me it’s all about reclaiming ~ re-purposing ~ recreating. Why not reuse the old to reinvent the new. So over your next cup of java make a plan to D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) your very own Coffee Table. Let green thinking rule.

Bicycle Made For Two

24 Apr


“I can’t remember, not ever having a bicycle.”

The joy of riding a bike is something that I look forward to when the weather is good.

Now mind you, I’m not a fanatic that joyfully cruises through rain, sleet and snow or dodges traffic like I’m on a dirt bike course.  I do have a few friends who are like that though.

Yes, there are times I am GREEN with envy as they tell their collision course all-terrain weather provoking bike stories.

“That’s when I switch gears and talk GREEN, earth GREEN.”

As an Artist and Designer people are often fascinated when I start spouting the whole reclaim, recycle and re-CREATE mantra. Many get it and some don’t really seem to be interested in reusing something ~ until you start talking about something they have a passion for.

“Today it’s the bike!”

Check out these cool items…

Once a Bicycle, Twice Something Clever


A Bicycle Made For Two“.

Even my die hard cyclist buddies could not resist wanting to own some bike paraphernalia.

~ ReCycle ~ UpCycle ~ BiCycle ~


~ made from the pedal bracket ~




~ made from the rims and/or chains ~



~ made from the rims, pedal brackets and gears ~



Lazy Susan / Wine Rack / Pot Holder
~ made from the rims and pedal brackets ~

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~ made from the rims, pedal brackets, chains and handlebars  ~


~ ReCycle ~ UpCycle ~ BiCycle ~

Home Brewed Coffee Tables

21 Mar

“Coffee Tables”

One of those essential pieces of furniture that is actually functional

as well as a stylish focal point within a room.

Once upon a time the coffee table was very Traditional.

In the right setting it had a very refined antique look.

A fine solid wood or a more affordable wood laminate was usually used.


Coffee Tables took on a more modern sleeker look…glass and man made materials!


With re-purposing and living green in the forefront the look of Coffee Tables has seen a transformation over the last several years.

With Green intentions and the push on reclaiming, re-purposing and recreating at the forefront the Coffee Table has been re-invented…

Check out the following Home Brewed concepts and get inspired…

Reclaim a Coffee Table!


The Vintage Factory Cart is very popular as a Coffee Table.

Note: Finding the raw cart is a little project within itself.

~ ~ ~


The Old Door is another cool option for a Coffee Table.

Note: Old doors of varying styles and patina are in abundance.

Use solid wood doors not those new construction hollow doors.

~ ~ ~


Wood Stumps, Cross Sections or Natural Wood – is a work of natural beauty for a Coffee Table.

The grain, the unique cuts, the knots, the color, the versatility…beautiful!

Note: Country outings are your best source of getting a reclaimed tree.

Some lumber yards or salvage shops may carry pieces of wood

however they may be pricier than their country counterparts.

~ ~ ~


The Window Frame Coffee Table like the door offers another cool alternative.

Note: You may need to reinforce the glass panels.

The styling promotes a beach, country or garden feel.

Sharing a little inspiration to

Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE

Plan your next D.I.Y. project of your own.

“Home Brewed Coffee Tables”

In an upcoming post, more coffee table ideas that are re-purposed, recreated and cool.

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