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More Coffee Tables Please!

30 Jun

Here is another batch of Coffee Tables to inspire your D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) spirit.  Lately, I have been in “table” mode. I have been picking up pieces I can use for both bottoms and tops.  I recently picked up some wrought iron sewing machine legs circa 1800’s to add to my collection. Also, picked up an old door with some beautiful details that someone was tossing out curbside. Anyhow, check out these coffee tables. Wood is a wonderful resource for reclaiming, refinishing and reusing. Getting your hands on some re-purposed table legs or frames can give you some cool finished pieces.



For me it’s all about reclaiming ~ re-purposing ~ recreating. Why not reuse the old to reinvent the new. So over your next cup of java make a plan to D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) your very own Coffee Table. Let green thinking rule.


“The Shelf” Volume Two

6 Jun

In my continuation of the last post

“The Shelf” Volume One

here in “The Shelf” Volume Two are some additional wall-mounted shelf ideas.

This selection is a little more




and Real COOL!

Reclaim, Re-purpose, reCREATE

D. I. Y.

Get Inspired….Do It Yourself!


“The Shelf” Volume Two

“The Shelf” Volume One

6 Jun

I remember when I was a student,

I had to improvise shelving units with those colourful plastic crates.

I would rack, stack and pack them with textbooks, records and clothes.

My parents wanted to get me a real bookshelf but I declined.

It was like a right of passage into the student world and

an unplanned introduction into re-purposing and re-CREATing

Today those same crates house my volumes upon volumes of vinyl,

perfect size; easy to carry around and store.

Shelving can be a very important part of your home decor.

It not only adds to your look it offers functionality for displaying and storing stuff.

You can go to furniture stores and pick up reasonably priced prefabricated, click-clack shelving or you can choose to be creative, handy and DIY “Do-It-Yourself”.

Recently, I decided to create shelving using

natural re-purposed materials or re-purposed objects.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration

“The Shelf “Volume One

The Wall Mount


Things that will set your shelves apart:

  • Type of Wood
  • Brackets
  • Finishes
  • To Stain or not to Stain
  • Size
  • How Many?

“Simple Tin” Returns

14 May

Another installment of Tin Treasures.

1. Tin Can Lighting

This is a clever way of reusing old discarded tins.

By adding some electrical hardware “Simple Tin” shines…




2. Tin Can Tea-light and Candle Holders.




3. Tin Can Art Pieces


4. Tin Can and Metal Sculpture




There are a lot of crafty ideas that can be created

using the various components of Tin Cans.

“Simple Tin”

“Simple Tin” The Sequel

11 May

In yesterday’s post I showed you some cool ideas that would help you convert your Tin Cans into cool and recycled items. Today we step it up another notch in “Simple Tin” The Sequel and show you some artisan pieces. Many variations of these cool items can be found on etsy and generally online.


~ Starring the Tin Can ~


This mirror made out of pop cans is really cool! The colourful mosaic look is something that can be achieved or you could use one colour. Squares could be cut larger. Be careful – since a project like this means exposing the sharp edges of tin.


Metal Cutter



Stud Tack

Backing Board



Check out this Tin Frame, inspired by beer cans.

~ ~ ~


This Tin Can frame is made with all dimensions of the can.


Beautiful room? Sure Tin! Now look closer!


The feature wall is made of Tin Cans!

This designer was brilliant!


Tin Can Wall Design? or, Wall Storage?


Add additional new hardware…

and you’re up-cycling the Tin Can.


Tin Can Caddy.

Once again, with additional re-purposed hardware this time you have recreated the Tin Can into this cool industrial caddy.

~ ~ ~

Add a few more years of shelf life to the Tin Can and get inspired to re-cycle, re-purpose and reCREATE.

Next time “Simple Tin” returns…..

“Simple Tin”

10 May

Recycling is something that I have embraced and just do!

My actual garbage output has decreased immensely.

I am glad to see that programs have been started all over the world to create less waste and promote recycling things. If you think of the amount of stuff that just lies around, unwanted, unclaimed and unused it’s a little sad really.

I would safely guess that Bottles, Paper Products and Tin Cans make up the bulk of product packaging that is collected and recycled.  When you go through a supermarket or grocery store shelves upon shelves are stacked with this sort of packaging.

In a previous post “message in a bottle” I showed you some ideas that hopefully inspired some of you to consider to re-CREATE with bottles.

This post is Act One of “Simple Tin” starring the Tin Can.


In this post I am showing you some simple ideas that can be completed fairly easily.


Now these tins have been selected for shape, graphic, patina and are used in a very simple way – AS IS VASE!



These Tins have been converted by wrapping it, painting it, belting it or tiling it. By using any of these techniques you can transform the tin from basic to beautiful!


And TIN there was light! The Tin Lantern. This is another neat way to illuminate a regular Tin into a starring role. With this method you may need the following items.



Ice Pick

Paint is optional

Tea Lights

A Design in Mind

These look great where ever candlelight is desired whether that be in the garden, on the veranda or porch, at the dinner table, on the mantle…

Have Fun!

Next time we step it up in Act Two of “Simple Tin”

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