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“The Shelf” Volume Two

6 Jun

In my continuation of the last post

“The Shelf” Volume One

here in “The Shelf” Volume Two are some additional wall-mounted shelf ideas.

This selection is a little more




and Real COOL!

Reclaim, Re-purpose, reCREATE

D. I. Y.

Get Inspired….Do It Yourself!


“The Shelf” Volume Two


Sticks and Stones…

31 Jan

I love the idea of working with and gathering natural resources…


When you take the opportunity to embrace these natural products in your everyday life it is both amazing and inspiring.

Creating art from re-purposed materials is an empowering feeling knowing that your footprint is just a little bit smaller

There is so much in our everyday lives that seems to go to waste

They say one mans garbage is another mans treasure

I naturally treasure hunt everyday

I enjoy all things natural, their natural beauty

Re-purpose naturally

Up and Coming…

29 Jan
  1. Treasure Hunting
  2. Collecting
  3. Found Objects
  4. Arts & Crafts
  5. On the Street

Au Natural Reflections

27 Jan

When one stops to look around and really take in what the world naturally has to offer, it can be a beautiful thing.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Welcome to this forum of reflections on things that are natural artifacts of this earth or have started that way and have now become useful items in our lives.

By re-purposing, reclaiming, reusing, and recycling we can naturally restore the balance within our daily lives.

I am here to share my thoughts on the integration of the old with the new, the natural with the produced and the green with the rainbow.

Reverting back to all things NATURAL can really be a beautiful and cool thing.

More to come…

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