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Book It!

14 Apr

“I love books and I have quite an extensive library of books.

All sorts of books are found in my possession.

The feel of the paper as you flip the pages is a most gratifying feeling.

I give books away as fast as I pick them up.

One of my more recent things is collecting early editions of books.

Vintage and Antique I like them all.”

Nowadays people are quickly moving towards electronic readers and devices to get their information.

From a GREEN perspective…

What can we do with the volumes and volumes of these bound treasures that sit gathering dust?

Reclaim! Re-purpose! ReCREATE!

 ~ Here are a few ideas by various artisans that offer some inspiration ~


~       ~       ~

“So Bookmark this page and have a rethink about all those books sitting around in garage sales and thrift shops.

Book It!”


D.I.Y. Resourcing

20 Mar


“Cool” Books To Check Out For D.I.Y. Ideas and Projects

I personally own some of these books…

I have borrowed…

I accept recommendations…

This is a departure from some of my other posts where I have shared some really cool ideas and projects that involve reclaiming ~ re-purposing ~ reCREATEing.

Something I constantly do is check out what others are doing.

I love looking at interior decorating and architectural books and magazines for inspiration and styling tips.

My latest collection of resources includes D.I.Y., Green and Re-purposing Inspired books.

Check Out This Collection

#1 – Design Sponge at Home – Grace Bonney


#2 – Young House Love – Sherry and John Petersik


#3 – ReadyMade


#4 – Hand Made Modern – Todd Oldham


#5 – Made By Hand – Mark Frauenfelder


#6 – The Handbuilt Home – Ana White


Let me know what you think…

Recommendations are Welcome!

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