“Simple Tin” The Sequel

11 May

In yesterday’s post I showed you some cool ideas that would help you convert your Tin Cans into cool and recycled items. Today we step it up another notch in “Simple Tin” The Sequel and show you some artisan pieces. Many variations of these cool items can be found on etsy and generally online.


~ Starring the Tin Can ~


This mirror made out of pop cans is really cool! The colourful mosaic look is something that can be achieved or you could use one colour. Squares could be cut larger. Be careful – since a project like this means exposing the sharp edges of tin.


Metal Cutter



Stud Tack

Backing Board



Check out this Tin Frame, inspired by beer cans.

~ ~ ~


This Tin Can frame is made with all dimensions of the can.


Beautiful room? Sure Tin! Now look closer!


The feature wall is made of Tin Cans!

This designer was brilliant!


Tin Can Wall Design? or, Wall Storage?


Add additional new hardware…

and you’re up-cycling the Tin Can.


Tin Can Caddy.

Once again, with additional re-purposed hardware this time you have recreated the Tin Can into this cool industrial caddy.

~ ~ ~

Add a few more years of shelf life to the Tin Can and get inspired to re-cycle, re-purpose and reCREATE.

Next time “Simple Tin” returns…..

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