18 Apr

I tend to prefer re-purposing various natural inspired materials like reclaimed wood, metals, textiles, paper products, glass and stone.  Working with these materials keeps me connected to nature and I find them easier to integrate into my design projects, artwork and stand alone styling.

However, my hat goes off to those who recycle and re-purpose man made items. I can definitely appreciate that someone can take something that was made with one purpose in mind and put a new spin on it. These are the items, that by re-inventing their use, landfills get a reprieve from becoming a wasted dumping ground. The tire is one of those things that needs to find a second life.


Just think! Our cars and trucks look spectacular in a new set of tires and rims! Remember there are four in a set. We are encouraged to dump tires every season or every few years for a new set! Got the picture! That is a lot of Tires. Well it’s time to “Re-Tire” and burn rubber. These designs are awesome:



Image  Image

Image   Image

Image~ Furniture made out of rubber tires is a fabulous idea for interiors and exteriors ~



~ Rubberized Housewares ~


~ Fashion ~


~ Garden and Sculpture ~



~ Sheds and Housing ~

Truly amazing and inspiring what we could do with old tires



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