Pallet Romp

1 Apr

“As promised the wonderful, versatile, utilitarian, raw, inspiring Pallet makes another guest appearance…”

This time we step it up another notch with designs and projects that involve a little more Do~It~Yourself (DIY) acumen however these are still very manageable and doable.

As I keep checking out this understudy of raw reclaimed material I am both intrigued and awestruck with the Pallet’s ability to be re-purposed and reCREATed.

“Check out some of these pieces people have created in another cool Pallet Romp…”

Image  Image  Image  Image

Multipurpose shelving is an awesome way to use the Pallet. The cool thing is that it can be enhanced with the finish or lack of finish, modified with added details such as wheels and stacked in various combinations.

~      ~      ~


Different table styles are also a creative option with the Pallet. Once again the finish can enhance, adding other re-purposed features like legs and configuration is key to the final purpose.

~     ~     ~


A Pallet feature wall or flooring in the right room or space may be an interesting alternative to other materials. Sanding, staining, painting, vertical or horizontal placement will all impact on the final look. Until I saw these I would not of considered using the Pallet in this innovative way.

~     ~     ~


Add photographs or plants to a Pallet and create a cool piece for any indoor or outdoor space.

~     ~     ~


A Pallet Gate Anyone? Looks great with all the plants.

Could also work as garden division or feature walls.

The black finish looks pretty sleek.

“The Pallet is proving to be quite the contender in the reclaimed, re-purposed and reCREATing world…”

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