Barrel of Fun

12 Mar


Well to come full circle with the whole Wine drinking and Wine Industry thing

the Wine Barrel provides plenty of options to Reclaim, Re-purpose and reCREATE.

ImageWine Barrels are often made from the almighty OAK,  providing some fabulous reclaimed wood.

If not OAK, barrel wood is usually a good hearty wood with excellent longevity.

Past posts I touched on the CORK in “Cork it!” More recently, I am hooked on the BOTTLE – “Message In A Bottle” and “Bottles Up”. Be reassured that I am going to do more on the whole re-purposing and reCREATing as far as the bottle goes. Now that I have my bottle cutting tool, Cheers! I’m really lovin’ the bottle!

My first love though would have to be WOOD. There is something so organic with WOOD that it really touches a chord with me. The warmth, the grain and the overall functionality of WOOD resounds naturally with me.

My passion for WOOD started as a kid with building go-carts, tree houses, forts, camp fires, walks in the wilderness, carving, whittling, wood burning…

Most furniture that I really enjoy and re-purpose is made of WOOD. I grew up with furniture that was actually made of real WOOD like Maple, Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Cedar…

Anyhow, I digress, back to the WINE BARREL…

“Wine Barrels can only be used for three to five years until they lose their flavor and must be discarded.  After that they are no longer useful to a wine maker.  At the point, in come the savvy DIYers and design companies to re-purpose them and give them new life.”

Anyhow check out some of these cool items that people have re-CREATED by re-purposing



For the Garden


For the Garden Party!


Time for Wine!


These are some cool looking chairs or side table for the backyard, porch or cottage…


Love the fact that you can make a light fixture out of anything…This is really nice!


Now these sinks are neat, they may not fit every Interior or Style

but the fact that someone created these is awesome.

The mirror made from barrel slats is fun.

reclaim ~ re-purpose ~ reCREATE


Get started on your Barrel of Fun

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