Bottles Up

9 Mar

Over the last few days, I had the pleasure to continue with my bottle quest.

I am determined this weekend to get a bottle cutter and to start the process of

reclaiming ~ re-purposing and reCREATEing


In future posts I’ll shoot you some photos of my D.I.Y creations and projects.

I figure I can pick up a bottle cutter at a local hardware store.

What it may cost, I have no idea!

It will join my arsenal of artist supplies and tools.

Expecting to get years of use out of it.

Check out some more cool ideas I came across.

Starring ~ The BOTTLE


Now this is cool!

A coffee table that has incorporated bottles.

Personally, I may have incorporated it with some reclaimed wood.

The idea of putting something like this together is inspiration for your own creation.


“Big Bottle plus Wood also creates this funky side table”

Like the use of re-purposed wood slats and a piece of tempered glass as a table top.


The coat rack is an awesome idea.

Clean & Crisp

Functional for some light weight stuff.

You have to admit it’s pretty cool to look at.

The book shelf is an interesting idea.

It’s pretty crude looking but it’s an inspiring idea.



Artisan Bottles “Chalk Board” style and “Hand Painted & Dipped”





A variety of re-purposed glassware.

The style of the bottle, the cut will inspire you to create what ever your artistic instincts tell you.


Create a piece of ART GLASS.

Also check out the following links for bottle cutting instructions:


reclaiming ~ re-purposing ~ reCREATing

2 Responses to “Bottles Up”

  1. vjstracener March 9, 2013 at 3:16 am #

    That all sounds awesome!

    • DeeBeeCool March 12, 2013 at 12:37 am #

      Awesome indeed! Just think by reclaiming, re-purposing and reCREATing with bottles you will always have a supply. Think Green, Do Art! Thanks for commenting. Cheers!

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