Cork It!

26 Feb

Just keeping it Natural.

The international Wine industry is a billion dollar industry.

Natural libation made from one of earth’s finest gems of a fruit…

the Almighty Grape!

Anyhow this is not a blog about the Wine Industry, I just like to give a little preamble before introducing the cool re-purposed wares.

Stored and aged in beautiful well-crafted Oak Barrels (future blog)

Bottled in simple, fancy, ornate, unique Glass Bottles (future blog)

After being bottled this liquid gold is sealed by the

~ CORK ~

Just keeping it Natural.

An Opportunity for Reclaiming ~ Re-purposing ~ reCREATing

The Oak Barrel, the Glass Bottle and the magnificent little CORK.

Check out these cool ideas where Designers and Artisans

~ CORK It! ~


Cork Boards always cool and useful…


cork mat 2

Corks Mats in two different layouts


Tile a whole floor by cutting cork into thin penny size pieces…Artistically Ambitious and Amazing!



Graphic Style Letters…NATURAL contemporary look for any Interior




Architectural Features ~ Make it a Back Splash!


Bowls and Furniture


Although it may be small the versatility of the CORK as a natural sustainable product is great…

Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE

Cork It!

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