23 Feb

Drifted is like something re-gifted in terms of Driftwood.

Think about the cycle of Driftwood…

Starts out as part of a tree, was fallen, adopted by other elements of nature WIND, SAND, EARTH, WATER, SUN, MINERALS – you get my drift! Then like a small miracle it finds its way into the hands of someone who is interested in this gnarled, knotted, decaying piece of nature. Someone who sees it as a thing of beauty and has the passion and inspiration to Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE.

Check out these cool reDRIFTED crafted artisan pieces.

three nineteen

These tables are a conversation piece.

These could be styled in a RUSTIC, INDUSTRIAL or CONTEMPORARY setting

twelve nine eighteen

Driftwood becomes a unique piece of sculpture as Candles Holders or a revamped Lighting source

sixteen seventeen one fourteen fifteen

    Makes cool looking Shelving or Hanging Racks.

Mirrors and Frames purely magical…

seven five four eight

And sometimes just as an ART piece

thirteen driftwood 3

Check out the makers of these wonderful products on Etsy, Ebay and other online sources.

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