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Cork It!

26 Feb

Just keeping it Natural.

The international Wine industry is a billion dollar industry.

Natural libation made from one of earth’s finest gems of a fruit…

the Almighty Grape!

Anyhow this is not a blog about the Wine Industry, I just like to give a little preamble before introducing the cool re-purposed wares.

Stored and aged in beautiful well-crafted Oak Barrels (future blog)

Bottled in simple, fancy, ornate, unique Glass Bottles (future blog)

After being bottled this liquid gold is sealed by the

~ CORK ~

Just keeping it Natural.

An Opportunity for Reclaiming ~ Re-purposing ~ reCREATing

The Oak Barrel, the Glass Bottle and the magnificent little CORK.

Check out these cool ideas where Designers and Artisans

~ CORK It! ~


Cork Boards always cool and useful…


cork mat 2

Corks Mats in two different layouts


Tile a whole floor by cutting cork into thin penny size pieces…Artistically Ambitious and Amazing!



Graphic Style Letters…NATURAL contemporary look for any Interior




Architectural Features ~ Make it a Back Splash!


Bowls and Furniture


Although it may be small the versatility of the CORK as a natural sustainable product is great…

Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE

Cork It!


23 Feb

Drifted is like something re-gifted in terms of Driftwood.

Think about the cycle of Driftwood…

Starts out as part of a tree, was fallen, adopted by other elements of nature WIND, SAND, EARTH, WATER, SUN, MINERALS – you get my drift! Then like a small miracle it finds its way into the hands of someone who is interested in this gnarled, knotted, decaying piece of nature. Someone who sees it as a thing of beauty and has the passion and inspiration to Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE.

Check out these cool reDRIFTED crafted artisan pieces.

three nineteen

These tables are a conversation piece.

These could be styled in a RUSTIC, INDUSTRIAL or CONTEMPORARY setting

twelve nine eighteen

Driftwood becomes a unique piece of sculpture as Candles Holders or a revamped Lighting source

sixteen seventeen one fourteen fifteen

    Makes cool looking Shelving or Hanging Racks.

Mirrors and Frames purely magical…

seven five four eight

And sometimes just as an ART piece

thirteen driftwood 3

Check out the makers of these wonderful products on Etsy, Ebay and other online sources.

Drifting Away

22 Feb


Naturally Weathered, Twisted and Knotted by Nature’s Relentless Forces


Found ~ Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ reCREATE


Truly a thing of beauty kissed by Nature

More to come…

Cross Roads Part II

20 Feb

Just a follow-up on the previous “Cross Roads” post.

There are many Crafters and Artists that are doing some really cool work with the CROSS theme. seems to be one of the places to explore and purchase a variety of cool pieces.

You can find many of these Artisans and their work on

As a Multi-Media Artist, I am a big advocate for promoting all Artistic Projects.

I have a passion for all things natural and really enjoy seeing the use of metal, wood, glass, stone, textiles in Art & Design

Green ~ Reclaiming ~ Re-purposing ~ re-C.R.E.A.T.E.

Using non-natural products when creating a piece of ARTWORK is way cooler than filling a landfill site

“Get Inspired and Imagine the Rest”




ImageImageImageImageImageImageNail Cross





~ WOOD ~






Cross Roads

18 Feb

One of the oldest designed concepts I find very fascinating is the symbol of



Its design simplicity has been around for a very long time.

For many the CROSS bears social and religious connotations that are bound by history.

Imagecross  (krôs)

a. An upright post with a transverse piece near the top

b. A crucifix.

c. A medal, emblem, or insignia, form of a cross

d. A mark or pattern formed by the intersection of two lines

As an Artist I enjoy the natural simplicity of its design and the potential the cross offers an artist for expressing individual creativity.
Today we see its theme and form used in interiors, music, literature, art, furniture, design, architecture and signage.
Check out the following Artisan pieces that have been transformed.
Re-purposing found objects has given this simple form a new visual life…
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